Staying on the run and sleeping in strange  beds as you go, often lead to insufficient sleep leaving you tired and all gloomed up the next day.  As a rep you just cannot be at your best, if you don’t feel 100 %.  That is why your choice  of a  guest house is so important.

Here are a few hints.

  1. It must be safe. For yourself and your vehicle.
  2. It must suite your lifestyle.  Quiet or noisy.
  3. It must be clean and well maintained.
  4. It must serve a good breakfast as that is your fuel for the day.
  5. And,  it must make you feel good about yourself.

It is the whole experience that is important.

At Déjà View we are have taken all these important issues into consideration.  Our sister company, Sure Secure has seen to excellent security. Electric fencing, cctv cameras and enough lighting.  Lowveld building and maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of our guesthouse. They keep our rooms in  perfect condition. Our staff is equally important,  trustworthy and always friendly.

We take pride in the type of guest that visit our establishment.  They are part of our family and we look after them as such.

At Déjà View you will know that you are important to us. Your wellbeing is our priority.  The door to the manager is  just as far as your phone.

Déjà View, stay in comfort and style.  You deserve it.